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At EchoTax, we are fully transparent with our flat-rate pricing. From our perspective, you will not find a better service elsewhere considering the exceptional value we provide to our clients!

Our tax filing prices do not include the refund transfer service charge assessed by a third-party bank product service. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change without notice, to include but not limited to an additional processing fee of $37.95 (terms and conditions are subject to change without notice) processed by a third-party bank product. This amount is subject to change as EchoTax, LLC a utilizes a refund transfer service to e-file all individual and business tax returns. Upfront payments are required for those taxpayers who owe back taxes to the IRS, child support payments, student loans payments, backpay of unemployment benefits, or any applicable debt that would result in your refund being used to offset said debt. The aforementioned terms and conditions apply to Business tax returns.


Our Winning Formula


Schedule an appointment today so we can review your unique tax profile and financial circumstances and create the best strategy to save you the most on taxes. After filling out the secure digital enrollment form, we can discuss your tax profile in further detail and ask you the required qualifying questions that will best help us understand how we can serve you.


Just like an Attorney would study your case to represent you in court, we too study your tax profile so that we can navigate you through the Internal Revenue Code tax laws and the various yearly changes to tax law. Our goal, no matter your financial situation, is to assist you in receiving your lawfully entitled tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service.


Once your tax profile is best understood by our registered tax professionals, we can finally begin preparing your tax retrun and explain to you the strategies we excercised. We are committed to reviewing everything with you and providing you the tax literacy to best understand your finances so you can make the best decisions for yourself for years to come. At EchoTax, we view all our clients as business partners and you will see this quality experience reflected in our astute knowledge of taxation law throughout the tax filing process.

What we Do

Our Services

Tax Preparation

Our talented tax professionals will deliver your maximum possible tax refund.


A wealth of experience filing multiple tax returns and utilizing the best possible deductions to benefit your financial posture.

Financial Planning

We are committed to bringing your finances back in order.

Our Services


Getting the maximum tax refund.

Our individualized approach to your unique situation allows us to research your tax profile to find the best strategy to navigate through the Internal Revenue Code and get you maximum tax refund that you are legally are entitled to.

Planning your finances to create positive cash flow.

We want to aid you in shifting your financial habits and serve you by navigating through your financial interest and ultimately create an extra source of income dedicated to building monthly positive cash flow.

Small business growth and development.

Our experts are devoted to guiding your business to success through modeling excellence through our tax preperation service offerings. We aim to go above and beyond  to help you succeed with the ultimate goal of creating generational wealth. A large tax return can serve as the capital investment required to jump start your plan. 


We’re the best around.


We are consistently reviewing the changing tax laws in order to take care for your financial inquires.


EchoTax aims to protect the
integrity of a tax system by utilizing the best practices and exercise compliance to the internal revenue code to properly educate our clients at all times.


Our virtual process and video-conference meetings allow us to easily work together through your financial circumstances.


Through our experience and knowledge we will strive to answer your tax questions honestly with respect to our commitment to the applicable ethical practices.


We do not disappear after tax season, there is a lot of work that needs to be done so we can help you reach your financial goals.


Our website and secure document transfer portals are safeguarded with a secure SHA 256-bit encryption standard, we keep all sensitive data and client information safe and sound at all times while in our custody.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

No walk-ins are accepted becuase we offer a fully virtual customer service. All appointments must be booked in advanced because we value our time together, and would need time to present you with tax-saving strategies. Please click on the appointments tab to schedule a meeting.

What if I didn't receive the items above?

The companies that generate these statements (your employers, banks, etc.) should still have your W-2s, 1099s, etc., on-file and should be able to get them to you within a reasonable time frame.

What if I have not yet received my documents?

If you know that you may not receive your documents by your appointment date, please reschedule or wait until you have received your documents to book an appointment. We value our time together so we should make the best use of that time during the appointment.

How do I send my documents to you?

You will find access to our registration form on the “File Now” tab on the top left of our website. This form includes all the necessary information and questionnaires we need from you as well as a section for you to upload ANY and ALL financial and identity documents to process your taxes expeditously. All information inputed on our digital forms are safeguarded rigorously.

How can I be sure that I will receive a refund?


Everyone must file a tax return whether they are receiving a refund or not. We will assist you in maximizing your refund based upon the filing status eligibility and limits implemented by the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

If you do end up having to pay taxes instead of getting a refund, we can teach you  how to update your withholding throughout the year so that next year you can expect a tax refund!


Can I pay my tax preparation fees out of my return?

Yes! You can pay your fees out of your federal tax refund; however, if you want to pay upfront, you can choose to do so. Our pricing fees include a bank product fee of $34.00 (*terms and conditions apply) that enable the bank to process your tax return and pay your tax preperation fees out of the refund.


When can I expect to hear an update?

Contact will be made within 72-96 business hours for any and all updates regarding your taxes. Once we have all our your required financial and identity documents, your return will be completed. We will be conducting a thorough check of all information provided so that we can ensure you are getting the compliant with the reporting standard enforced by the Internal Revenue Service.

The average refund is received within 21 days but can vary due to verification of all deductions and credits permitted by the Internal Revenue Service. Once your return has been submitted and accepted by the IRS, please download the IRS2GO Mobile App or visit and create an account to receive updates from the Internal Revenue Service.

How will I receive my refund?

The bank account and routing number provided on our registration form will be used to issue your refund from the Internal Revenue Service. You must provide EchoTax with an active bank or financial institution routing and account number to receive your tax refund.

Do you prepare business tax returns?

Yes, we are able to prepare any Schedule C (profit and loss) business tax returns.

We are unable to process corporate tax returns at this time, but please stay tuned as we continue to grow and plan to soon offer these services.

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Here at EchoTax we aim to provide immense value to all of our clients!

“Great service, outstanding service…I was really impressed with the emphasis placed on tax education. This was definitely a great investment, so tell a friend to tell a friend!”

Rucky L.

“A true professional! Very responsive and prompt in answering all of our questions, an overall great experience.”

Shiloh W.

“My Family and I decided not to file our taxes ourselves because we wanted to ensure that things were done the right way. Mr. Campbell educated us on many things that we were not aware of and I would definitely recommend him to anyone for tax preparation.”

Taariq D.