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EchoTax is a tax preparation and financial services company, dedicated to the financial education and empowerment of our clients. We work hard to help you find your legal maximum credits and deductions and to get your best tax return, year after year. As Certified Tax Professionals, we work with the highest level of integrity and ethics as set forth by IRS standards. We can’t wait to work with you to help you get your maximum refund.

Building our communities across the country

Our Vision 

Financial literacy is the key to abundant opportunities.

With our tax preparation services, we provide you with a solid financial foundation that will open new doors to exciting opportunities that will help you reach your goals in life. We are here to empower you and your finances with the right education that even top educational institutions fail to teach.

United families are essential to success.

We will help bring your family in alignment to work towards one goal: because the power to create unity and change is possible with those who are most dear to you.

Entrepreneurship is the blueprint to generational wealth.

We envision a future where our communities are filled with family businesses and consumer purchases are dependent upon the value of the relationship they have with the business. EchoTax is committed to service with a spirit of endless value, which lies at the core of our company's vision.

What we do

Our services


Our talented team of talented tax professionals have been trained to deliver you a maximum tax refund with knowledgable and efficient service.


Exponential growth creation for your business develops with concise strategy. We offer tax planning services to help you trend towards the growth your seeking. If you ask any small business owner what they need most in their business, you get the same answers every time. More clients, revenue, and profit.


Facilitating the day-to-day operations like tracking expenses of the entity. These efforts enable seamless preparation of accounting statements, tax returns, and internal reports for business owners that are vitally important for the success of the business.


Why Choose Us?


We are consistently reviewing the changing tax laws so that we’re always equipped to take care for your finances.


Our virtual process and video-conference meetings allow us to easily work together through your financial circumstances.


Years of navigating through various circumstances and utilizing the best deductions will benefit your finances.


Protected with a Secure 256-bit SSL Encryption, we keep all sensitive data and client information safe and sound.


Our experience, knowledge, and prices will always be available to answer any of your questions and build your financial literacy.


We can’t disappear after tax season, there is a lot of work that needs to be done so we can help you reach your financial goals.

Our Passion

Our Comany

Our company was founded with a focus on family and community. Our #1 priority is serving the people in order to bring about the best versions of themselves which is our passion and lifelong mission. Our partnership with a large network of certified tax professionals allows us to remain knowledgable of tax law and provide every family with affordable financial literacy knowledge. At EchoTax, we strive to help you receive a maximum tax return to invest in your family, your business, your community, your values, and the generations of change-agents.

  • SATISFACTION 97% 97%
  • MAXIMUM REFUND 100% 100%
  • RETENSION 88% 88%